Welcome Community Members

Welcome to Rare Ovarian Cancer Incorporated or for short ROC Inc.!

ROC Inc and its members are passionate about creating change for the future, to help create and support awareness and research for ovarian cancer. 

Ovarian cancer effects females of all ages from infants to women. Together we can create change for the future by funding vital and much needed research and to raise a greater awareness of the ovarian cancer and its symptoms. 

As a community member of ROC Inc, you can:

·  Stay updated on ROC Inc. activities through our publication of Rock For ROC 

·  Attend general meetings but not vote.

·  Participate in the fundraising and promotional activities of ROC Inc.

·  Join our Facebook group Rock For ROC that paints rocks and places them in the community to be found. 

·  Access information on ROC Inc website

·  Follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn put the links in here   

Thank you for your support of ROC Inc. We look forward to meeting you personally at one of our events. 

Best regards

Tasha Armour

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