Changing Lives Through Research

ROC Inc are aiming to raise $30,000 to help our partners, the Hudson Institute for Medical Research in Melbourne Australia, undertake enhanced DNA testing that could hold the answers for Rare Ovarian Cancer. Researchers have an opportunity to undertake this testing at a reduced cost and every dollar you can contribute counts.  Ovarian cancer does not discriminate, it affects women of all ages, and we need your help to shine a light and potentially change the lives of thousands of women.
For more information on the research and a link to our fundraising page click here. 

When opportunity shines a light for a better test that could hold the answers.

Granulosa Cell Tumours (GCT) are rare ovarian cancers (ROC) that have two sub types; adult (aGCT) and juvenile (jGCT).  Both of these cancer types have received very little research to understand how the disease arises, especially on treatments options to save lives.

As part of its GCT research program the Hudson Institute is testing tumour DNA and normal DNA from patients that have been diagnosed with this disease from all over the world.

Previously, a technique known as Whole Exomes Sequencing was the most cost-effective way to start testing for possible answers, however this type of sequencing will only cover about 2% of DNA, so there is still 98% not sequenced.

Is there a better test for improved coverage for sequencing? Yes, there sure is!

Using a technique called Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), the DNA can be sequenced, covering close to 100% of the DNA. The testing is more expensive, on average costing over $10,000 per person.  However, in partnership with a leading technological company located at the University of Queensland, researchers now have an opportunity conduct WGS for both sub types at the reduced cost of $1500 per person.

This will be a first for jGCT, and allow a more in-depth study of aGCT. The enhanced testing will allow researchers to look at  key areas that haven’t previously been investigated. The initial research study will be for 10  aGCT and 10  JGCT.

Every dollar will make a difference, help us make WGS testing possible and provide answers for the future.