Swim for Claire Challenge

The Miami Masters Swim Club – Swim for Claire Challenge
Sunday October 22 2023.

Rare Ovarian Cancer Inc is a registered not-for-profit charity. All donations are thus tax-deductible with online donations automatically receiving a tax receipt.


Raising funds for: Peter Reaburn
$9,452.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
111 Donors

Miami Masters Swim for Claire CHALLENGE
Sunday October 22 2023, 8am-12 noon, Miami Aquatic Centre

My name is Claire Reaburn and I have a rare form of Ovarian Cancer known as Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT). There is no prescribed treatment for JGCT. This lack of treatment options is due to the small number of females with JGCT and the fact that research into this cancer is virtually non-existent. We aim to RAISE MONEY TO FUND NEW RESEARCH.

My husband Peter and myself are very fortunate to be members of the Miami Masters Swimming Club on the Gold Coast. Each year Miami Masters holds a fundraising Swimathon for charity. This year Miami Masters is raising funds for Rare Ovarian Cancer Inc (ROCInc), the organisation set up by the mother of a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with JGCT, to raise funds for lifesaving research into JGCT.

This year’s Miami Masters Swim for Claire Swimathon will be held at the Miami Aquatic Centre at Pizzey Park, Miami on Sunday the 22nd of October from 8am-12 noon. Rackley Swimming have very kindly given Miami Masters Swimming Club the use of 6 lanes at no cost.

We are encouraging what we call “CHALLENGES”. Just as females of all ages who get hit with rare ovarian cancer, including an 18-month old girl diagnosed with a softball-size tumour in her abdomen, are challenged for the rest of their lives, we want swimmers of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities to “CHALLENGE” themselves.

The CHALLENGES on Sunday 22nd October are based on one hour of swimming and include:

School and/or Club Squad Teams CHALLENGE of 4-10 swimmers in the following format

  • School-based swimmers swimming as a relay team for an hour in 50m or 100m distances
  • Swim Squad/Club Teams swimming as a relay team for an hour in 50m or 100m distances 

Teams must advise Peter Reaburn at: swim@rocinc.org.au or 0408 760 757

Individual CHALLENGE

  • Stronger swimmers doing 60 x 50m swims on 50 or 60 seconds for an hour.
  • Less fit or strong swimmers swimming for distance for an hour. They can swim non-stop or in interval swims of 50m or 100m.
  • Masters swimmers doing 30-, 45-, or 60-minute swims as part of their clubs Endurance 1000 program.

We will have timers available to record distances and times.

Multi-Generation Relay Teams CHALLENGE of 4-10 swimmers in the following format

  • Parents, Grandparents, kids coming together to swim a relay for an hour in 50m or 100m distances.
  • ‘Bros’ and ‘Sistas’ or Mixed Teams – Swimmers swimming for an hour in 50m or 100m distances.

Teams must advise Peter Reaburn at: swim@rocinc.org.au or 0408 760 757

Swimmers in all three of the above events can use flippers, fins, pull buoys, or paddles to complete their CHALLENGE. We will be providing timekeepers and lap counters if you want to count distances and get times or split times.

FREE BBQ, Fruit and healthy snacks available during and after the event.

Over the last two years, the Miami Masters Swim for Claire raised over $20,000 for ROCInc-funded research. These funds were channelled straight to the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne. Hudson have been able to undertake ground-breaking and life-saving research into JGCT due to the funds raised by the Swimathon last year.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE EVENT CONTACT: swim@rocinc.org.au or Mob: 0408 760 757


Rare Ovarian Cancer Inc is a registered not-for-profit charity. All donations are thus tax-deductible with online donations automatically receiving a tax receipt.

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  1. Thanks Claire and Peter for fund-raising. I hope all goes well for you too.
    All the best
    Billabong Swim School
    Friend John and Judy and swim teacher

  2. Billabong Swim school. We’re sorry we couldn’t attend the fund raising event for this great cause.

  3. Let’s be bold, let’s be brave, let’s be fearless
    As a women who as many female members and a Mum who’s survived breast cancer.
    Let’s raise awareness, let’s help fight to find cure 💕💕💕💕

  4. Donating in support of Claire, her husband an buddy Peter who has organised so many fund raisers for this rare ovarian cancer, and my challenge buddy Typhoon – what a trooper. And in memory of a young girl Melanie, who passed from this exact cancer many years ago, and Lyn Kirwin, gone far too early and friend and loved by many if my friend. 🏊👍☺️💕

  5. Thank you for sharing your fundraising efforts with me at parkrun Typhoon. Well done!!!

  6. Hi Pete and Claire,
    Sorry I could not be there on Sunday. Thanks for all your support this year.

  7. Thank you for the invitation to share in ‘Swim for Claire’. Well done on a wonderful event, and the tireless work you do to support ROC.

  8. Wish I could be there to swim with you all on Sunday. Thinking of you and hoping for a great day and plenty of support for your wonderful event and cause.

  9. Good luck Norm. You’ve got this. Watching your progress and so amazed. You are one strong willed man.

  10. Love your work with this cause. Hope the swim day goes well. I did my swim this morning in the bay!

  11. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved with such a great cause and to hit the pool lane again with some old training pals. Are we going “gentleman’s pace” Pete Reaburn?

  12. This is to support your fundraising efforts. Jim and I hope it’s a great day for all involved.Linda Kenny

  13. I’m unfortunately unable to attend the swim this year due to having shoulder problems. Hopefully, next year. In the meantime happy to support the Reaburn family and the cause. well done Reaburns, cycle and swim with passion 👏

  14. I have donated money to assist some very good friends, but also to support the advance medical research for everyone.

  15. Hi Claire & Peter
    I will be away that weekend, however, I wish you a wonderful day and a successful fundraiser for such a worthy cause. Troy

  16. You have both been great supporters of Masters Swimming over a very long time. I first became aware of Clair when I was recorder for the 1987 States when Clair had the fastest 1500m time male or female with a time that was about two minutes slower than the women’s world record at that time.

  17. Hi Claire
    Peter and I cannot make it on the 22nd but I am sure it will be a fantastic day, happy to support this worthy cause.

  18. This could have happened to any of us! With more research, hopefully a cure can be found. Claire has been an inspiration in resilience, endurance & positivity! Sending love, prayers & blessings

  19. Claire and Peter donate their time and talent to Miami Masters Swimming Club, we are very grateful. May we enjoy their friendship for many, many years and here is to kick the JGCT out of the stratosphere by finding a cure for all who are enduring this challenge.

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