ROC Inc Community Membership

Join ROC Inc as a Community Member

Help create change for the future for all people impacted by ovarian cancer.

Females of any age can be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Support our research by donating, the participants in the research range in age at diagnosis from under 12 months old to post-menopausal women. You can also get involved and show your support by applying to become a Community Member of ROC Inc.

By becoming a community member of ROC Inc. you will support the purpose and objectives of ROC Inc. Membership provides an opportunity to join ROC Inc. in a meaningful action to be able to help to improve the lives of everyone that is impacted by ovarian cancer.  The member may also be personally affected by ovarian cancer as patients, survivors or carers.

Become a member and support ROC Inc in raising awareness, advocating and fundraising for research into better treatments, invention and prevention options for ovarian cancer.

Membership is $5 annually.

Community members have access to:

·  Opportunities to work with ROC Inc. on community committees.

·  Information on ROC Inc. member events.

·  Regular updates on trends and developments in rare ovarian cancer research.

·  Exclusive fundraising opportunities for ROC Inc.