Proposed Itinerary

Day 1 (Sunday March 17):
Meet at Bright Big 4 Tasman Caravan Park by 4pm for Briefing and Free Welcome Dinner.

Day 2 (Monday March 18):
Road Team: Bright-Tawonga Gap-Rosewhite Gap-Ovens-Bright (115km and 1400m of elevation)
Rail Trail Team: Bright-Freeburgh-Smoko-Harrietville-Bright (52km and 470m of elevation)

Day 3 (Tuesday March 19):
Road Team: Bright-Myrtleford-Lake Buffalo-Myrtleford-Bright (105km and 660m of elevation)
Rail Trail Team: Bright-Myrtleford-Bright (65km and 355m of elevation)
Free Dinner at Bright Lions Club

Day 4 (Wednesday March 20):
Road Team: Bright-Myrtleford-Stanley-Beechworth-Gapstead/Bowman-Myrtleford-Bright (125km and 1200m of elevation)
Rail Trail Team: Bright-Porepunkah-Chinese Cemetery in Buckland Valley-Porepunkah-Bright (50km and 390m of elevation)

Day 5 (Thursday March 21):
Road Team: Bright-Porepunkah-Red Stag Deer Farm-Porepunkah-Buckland Valley Road to Chinese Cemetery at end of bitumen-Porepunkah-Bright (100km and 630m of elevation)
Rail Trail Team: Bright-Porepunkah-Red Stag Deer Farm-Porepunkah-Bright (42km and 295m of elevation)

Day 6 (Friday March 22):
Road Team: Bright-Porepunkah-Mt Buffalo-Porepunkah-Bright (70km and 1400m of elevation)
Rail Trail Team: Bright-Freeburgh-Bright-Wandiligong-Bright (30km and 230m of elevation)
Presentation of Awards and Farewell Dinner at Bright Star Hotel

Day 7 (Saturday March 23)
Farewell and return home


Day 2 Road Team

Day 2 Rail Trail Team

Day 3 Road Team

Day 3 Rail Trail Team

Day 4 Road Team

Day 4 Rail Trail Team

Day 5 Road Team

Day 5 Rail Trail Team

Day 6 Road Team

Day 6 Rail Trail Team