GCT Ovarian Cancer Research Funded by YOU!

Congratulation and thank you to everyone that has helped raise our target of $30,000 for ovarian cancer research.

The $30,000 raised is going to champion world class Granulosa Cell Tumour researchers Dr Simon Chu and Professor Peter Fuller and their team at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research for Whole Genome Sequencing of GCT tumour samples. GCT a rare ovarian cancer that has two sub types adult GCT (aGCT) and juvenile GCT (jGCT). A first for jGCT research. This research will impact so many lives. There is currently very little known about GCT and only research will help to change that.

Professor Peter Fuller and Dr Simon Chu

GCT can be diagnosed at any age. The youngest in Australia in the research was diagnosed at 11 months old.

Supporters like you are helping to give more females and their families the opportunity for vital research that is needed to find treatment options.

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