Peter will be riding for his wife Claire to raise funds for vital ovarian cancer research

Looking for FEMALE CYCLISTS wanting a challenge. One aiming to raise over $100,000 for ROC Inc. to encourage more research into Rare Ovarian Cancers. My wife, Claire, and mother of our two daughters Rebecca (29) and Megan (26) has Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT). As you know, so little is known about Granulosa Cell Tumour (GCT). We are looking to ride road bikes from Canberra to Melbourne next April-May.

We are looking for riders to join us. See details on the image below. We need a commitment by October 30 this year to engage with the ride. PM me or ring on the number on the poster.

My wife Claire has the dubious honour of being the oldest women in the world to have Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT), a very rare form of ovarian cancer.

Claire was diagnosed at 53 years of age with Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT), a rare ovarian cancer that typically affects younger females. Claire is the oldest female in the world to have JGCT. The youngest was diagnosed in Australia at age 11 months!! Overall, 94% of patients with JGCT are under 30 years of age.

There is no cure for JGCT, nor is there research to help understand the disease. Clinicians are prescribing treatments based on “best guess” rather than facts. Research is needed and why I am riding to raise much needed funding for research.

I’ve been involved in sports since childhood. Initially it was swimming at club then state and national level in surf lifesaving. I played Rugby Union during winter, swam and surfed all year round and competed in surf lifesaving during summer. An active childhood and youth. Later in life I immersed myself in masters swimming then triathlon winning several state age-group titles in long course. In 2005 I won the 50-54 yr age group National Ironman championship that qualified me to fulfill my long held dream of completing and competing in the Hawaii Ironman. It was during this time that my love of road racing and cycling took hold. Easier on the aging body, social, and very good for the head being out there early mornings and enjoying the rhythms of riding.

After graduating with a Health and Physical Education degree I taught PE for 6 years in Ipswich, Longreach and the Gold Coast. I then went back to Uni and completed a PhD in Sport Science, my lifelong passion. I then embarked on an academic career teaching and researching at The University of Queensland (6 years), Central Queensland University in Rockhampton (20 years), and Bond University (5 years) where I recently finished my career as Professor and Head of Exercise and Sport Science.

Claire and I have two children, Rebecca (29) and Megan (26), both happy, healthy, confident, and well-adjusted young women.

Life throws curve balls at us. Claire’s diagnosis with Rare Ovarian Cancer (ROC) in 2014 took us by surprise given we lived a very active and healthy lifestyle. We learnt quickly that nothing is known about Claire’s JGCT. Retirement has given me time to put my love of fitness and cycling to a positive cause. Riding for Research with great support of ROC Incorporated (ROC Inc), raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer in females, and helping Claire, my wife of 34 years and mother of our children.   



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