Peter Reaburn

Event organiser – Peter is riding for his wife Claire to raise funds for vital ovarian cancer research.

Raising funds for: Ride for Research 2024
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Peter Reaburn – Profile

My wife Claire has the dubious honour of being the oldest women in the world diagnosed with Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT), a very rare form of ovarian cancer.

I’ve been involved in sports since childhood. Initially it was swimming at club then state and national level in surf lifesaving. I played Rugby Union during winter, swam and surfed all year round, and competed in surf lifesaving during summer. An active childhood and youth. 

Later in life I immersed myself in masters swimming then triathlon winning several state age-group titles in long course. In 2005 I won the 50-54 yr age group National Ironman championship that qualified me to fulfill my long-held dream of completing and competing in the Hawaii Ironman. 

It was during this time that my love of road racing and cycling took hold. Easier on the aging body, social, and very good for the head being out there early mornings and enjoying the rhythms of riding.

After graduating with a Health and Physical Education degree I taught PE for 6 years in Ipswich, Longreach and the Gold Coast. I then went back to Uni and completed a PhD in Sport Science, my lifelong passion. I then embarked on an academic career teaching and researching at The University of Queensland (6 years), Central Queensland University in Rockhampton (20 years), and Bond University (5 years) where I recently finished my career as Professor and Head of Exercise and Sport Science. 

Claire and I have two children, Rebecca (31) and Megan (28). Both happy, healthy, confident, and well-adjusted young women. In this year’s ride, we are proud to have our daughter Megan riding and our daughter-in-law Renee riding in the ROC Rail Trail Team. Behind the scenes, our daughter Rebecca and Megan’s partner, Tom, are helping make R4R a real family affair. 

Life throws curve balls at us. Claire’s diagnosis with Rare Ovarian Cancer (ROC) in 2014 took us by surprise given we lived a very active and healthy lifestyle. We learnt quickly that nothing is known about JGCT. Retirement has given me time to put my love of fitness and cycling to a positive cause. Riding for Research with great support of ROC Incorporated (ROCInc), raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer in females of all ages, and helping Claire, my wife of 36 years and mother of our children.     


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  1. So Sandra Pugh is turning (or has already turned) 70 and has requested that instead of buying presents she would prefer that people donate to this very worthy cause which we are so happy do 😀.
    Cheers Michael and Ruth Searston

  2. We were touched by Claire’s story and wish to assist with fund raising for more research into this terrible disease which may also affect other women in our families.

  3. We are saddened to hear of Clare’s diagnosis and feel this is necessary research to assist all women ( and possible family members) who may be afflicted by this terrible disease.

  4. Happy 70th Sandra & all the best to the Reaburn family as they help raise funds for Research….

  5. Happy 70th birthday Sandra xx
    Congratulations to all the riders and event organisers for raising awareness of the ROC Incorporation research work.

  6. All the very best with your ride and raising funds for research.
    Happy 70th Sandra Pugh. X

  7. Wishing you well in your endeavours to raise awareness, funds and hope. Happy 70th Sandra Pugh – a great idea encouraging friends to donate to this worthwhile cause in lieu of gifts. xx

  8. Amazing! Congratulations on another successful Reaburn Campaign delivering on its objectives.

  9. To support the research teams to find a cure for ROC to help Claire and all those affected.

  10. Your gift of love, inspiration and friendship has touched us and left an indelible memory of your time with us in Bright.

  11. Great work as always Peter! You are a legend for all the work you have done for this ride and congratulations on all the money you have raised! Louise and Miss Lillie 🐶

  12. Congrats on a successful event Peter and Claire! Was hoping we would be able to say hello and give our support in person (but I slightly mixed up the dates you’d be in town)! Hopefully see you and the fam soon. All the best. Kim & Nick

  13. Gday Peter. I tried sending this through a few weeks ago, but it fell through the system. You will well and truly be in the middle of your ride now. I rode these mountains back in 2007 at a boot camp. My spirit is with you all especially as the Verhoeven cousins and broader family are involved. Ride boy ride. Thanks for participating. Cousin Caroline (living in NZ)

  14. I don’t know any family that hasn’t been touched by cancer. With research comes treatments and hopefully a cure. I live in Bright and heard about your ride when my daughter told me about it. Fantastic effort and thank you for making a difference.

  15. I was diagnosed with granulosa cell ovarian cancer in 2019 and again in 2023 thank for rays g funds for this valuable cause research is the answer 🙏🥰❤️🫶💪🏼

  16. My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2022 five days after we arrived in Kingscliff after our move from Melbourne. Whilst it is not a rare form like Claire’s ovarian cancer our experiences since have highlighted how more money needs to be spent on ovarian cancer research. In particular there needs to be more money spent on research into early detection. The symptoms are usually vague as they were in Denise’s case so by time it was detected the cancer had reached stage 3C.

    Fortunately in Denise’s case the tumours hadn’t spread into any vital organs so after 2 bouts of chemotherapy with major surgery in between she is now doing very well. We have our fingers crossed but with ovarian cancer it is hard to say she is cancer free as it has a high probability of recurrence. Denise prefers to say she is living with cancer.

    It was during Denise’s treatment at the Icon cancer clinic in Southport that I began giving blood at the Red Cross donation centre down the road. This is where I met Claire and learnt of her battle with this insidious disease.

    I hope the bike ride goes well, that you have great weather and lots of money is raised which gathering by the amount you’ve raised already seems to be guaranteed. Thank you for your efforts Peter.

  17. I was diagnosed in 2010 with GCT. Three surgeries in but running my third marathon for ovarian cancer. Avid swimmer- love all the energy in this video- thank you!!!

  18. Thank you for spearheading this. I’m a GCT warrior and share in your sentiments. We have a rare cancer, but we still matter.

  19. Diagnosed officially 12/27/2017 with 3 reoccurrences. Just had my 4th surgery on 10/16/23. The Orthopedic team I work for raffles a small charcuterie board. Wish it was more but it was a quick little raffle. Thank you for everything you are doing to raise awareness and praying one day they will figure out how to stop this disease from reoccurring.

  20. If this could be defeated by courage positivity and strength, you would be a winner, Claire! Thinking positive thoughts for you!

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