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Renee Cowan 

Hi, I’m Renee, and I’m ready for this ride to hand it to me!

I’m 34 and I married the girl of my dreams in 2022, who also happens to be Claire’s daughter.

The love that the Reaburn family has shown me over many years, and the love they have for each other doesn’t even have words. It is the type of love that could change the world…or at least mine.

I have played teams sports from the wee little age of 6, I’ll have a crack at anything, and love that winning feeling. I played soccer for 20 years until I changed codes and took up AFL. I made my debut for a local club and progressed to getting signed by the Brisbane Lions but alas, injury struck me down. Not once, but twice, with two major knee injuries in one year. I made my come back but lost the love so jumped codes again and now play Rugby League. Before my games, I usually receive a voice message from the big man himself, Peter Reaburn. Some sweet words of wisdom that often get cut off due to time limit. If you know you know!

I decided to give this a crack as a challenge to myself and honestly, why not!

To help the family that has given me so much. I have witnessed firsthand how hard this battle can be, the many ups and the many downs – for not only Claire, but the entire Reaburn family including my wife. I would describe Claire as incredibly brave, resilient, and strong. She continues to walk the path she has been given, and although there are MANY hurdles, she remains humble and kind. Doing this ride is just a small part I can play in finding a cure for this damn thing.

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  1. Gday Renee. I tried sending this through a few weeks ago, but it fell through the system. You will well and truly be in the middle of your ride now. I rode these mountains back in 2007 at a boot camp. My spirit is with you all especially as the Verhoeven cousins and broader family are involved. Pedal breathe pedal. Thanks for participating. Cousin Caroline (living in NZ)

  2. For my cousin Claire forever in hope of positive treatment outcomes. I rode Bright region at a boot camp in 2007. Ride Renee Ride. My cycling spirit is with all of you. Enjoy and wishing a successful event. Cousin Caroline

  3. It’s been a pleasure watching you train for this ride! You are going to smash it, all the best!!!!
    Love from all the team at SportsPlus Physiotherapy

  4. Agh, the tears! Bec is one lucky lady to have such a strong and wonderful wife!! You are sweet human under all those quads. You got this xx

  5. So proud of this young woman. A quiet achiever with a heart of gold and strength of character. A father couldn’t ask for a better daughter-in-law! Awesome having you riding with our team.

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