The ROC INC Glow Dance Challenge is Here

Raise awareness for ROC Inc and ovarian cancer by doing the Glow Dance For ROC Challenge.

Females of any age can be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. ROC Inc is helping to fund an ovarian cancer research project that includes Australia’s youngest diagnosed at 11 months old also includes the world’s youngest diagnosed at 4months to menopausal women. 

Ovarian cancer is grossly underfunded, help us find a cure and shine some light on ovarian cancer awareness and research for the Glow Dance for ROC Challenge.

So I challenge you to break out the glow sticks and your best moves to Dance Monkey by Tones and I post it to your social media with the #GlowDanceForROC, #RockforROC and #TonesandI 

I nominate………(tag your friends and family here) You have 72 hours to take up the challenge and/or donate to ROC Inc.

A big shout out to Tones and I for allowing us to use her song Dance Monkey for the challenge, you ROC! #thankyou #DanceMonkey

How to Participate

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