Don’t Let Go of Your Dreams


Don’t Let Go of Your Dreams

Mixed media piece by Maggie Henderson.

This is a very special story about how this piece came to be.

What they didn't know was why i cried when it was shown to me.
A young girl called Paula lost her battle with JGCT at 12yo at the beginning of this year, she was to be a part of the research but everything changed so quick and sadly she passed away before the research was to start.
No one but me had seen pictures of Paula, the likeness in this painting is uncanny.

Tasha xx

Don’t let go of your dreams

The story behind this mixed media piece

I had a vision. It was perfect. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t to be.

I saw a face and ignored it. I persisted with my vision.  It was beautiful, but it wasn’t to be.

I looked again, that face staring at me, please let me be…

I gave in to that whisper, that became louder, trust yourself she said, come with me

on this journey together and you will see what I see.

I listened and saw, that dreams are meant to be. That the young girl who appeared before me had a message for all to see.

Don’t’ let go of your dreams, she said, to me...

I am a visual and portrait artist who lives in the Illawarra.

This artwork was created specifically for the ROC gala 2019 in support of the brave women who are striving for a cure to this horrible indiscriminate disease.

This piece took me on a journey that I was unprepared for. It made me vulnerable until I gave in to that voice and let the piece direct me.

Life takes us in many directions. Our choices not always our own. But together we can make difference. Don’t let go of your dreams…

Maggie Henderson


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