Ovarian cancer Advocate Named Citizen Of The Year.

Tasha Armour Rare Ovarian cancer Incorporated – ROC Inc. founder and CEO recognised for her tireless advocacy for ovarian cancer awareness this has earnt her a special Australia Day honour. Check out 10Daily’s powerful ovarian cancer video which Tasha is one of the six women that are featured.

The ROC Inc team was apart of Shellharbour City Councils Australia Day celebrations to cheer on Tasha receiving the Australian Citizen of the Year but also encouraging hundreds of people that came to the Bendigo Bank tent to have their photo taken in front of the Ovarian cancer Awareness Wings. The symptoms for ovarian cancer are listed in the wings. With each person that is sharing their photo on to social media each of them is helping to bring awareness to their family and friends.   

As we lead in to Ovarian cancer awareness month of February we want to create more awareness, the statistics are horrible at 46% for the 5 years survival and have not changed in 30 years in comparison to cancers that have received dedicated funding. With three girls to women dying a day, early detection is crucial. There is no national screening test so girls to women need to be aware of the symptoms.   

Tasha’s daughter Mikayla was diagnosed in 2016 at 16 years old with Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour jGCT a rare ovarian cancer that has NEVER EVER received funding for research from the Australian government. jGCT needs fundamental research.

“Unless we get the message of ovarian cancer awareness out into the community and compel the Australian government and the Australian Health Minister Hon. Greg Hunt to listen, more girls to women will continue to die. We need funding for research to bring about change for the future.”

ROC Inc in collaboration with Granulosa Cell Tumour GCT expert’s Dr Simon Chu, Prof Peter Fuller and their amazing team at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne they have created the world first and largest research for jGCT. The youngest in Australia in the research diagnosed at 11 months old to the eldest diagnosed at 52years old, in world the youngest in the research diagnosed at 4 months to 53 years old. This horrible cancer affect females of all ages. With no current funding support from the Australian Government ROC Inc is left to raise the money themselves for the research. If you would like to help please donate here.  

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