Easter Bunny rock painting idea that is made with cut-out hearts

Easter rock painting idea that is all heart and perfect for hiding, gifting or decoration.

While we are practicing Social Distancing at this time there are still ways to be creative and support Rare Ovarian Cancer Incorporated (ROC Inc.) with their community awareness program on Facebook group Rock for ROC and using the Instagram #RockforROC  

This group paints rock and hides them in the #community to be found with an awareness message on the back.

ROC Inc has been raising money for research into a Ovarian cancer. The youngest in Australia in the research diagnosed at 11 months old to the oldest in the research diagnosed at 53 years old.

My daughter was diagnosed at 16 years old and why I am so passionate about creating awareness and funding vital research. It is already hard for parents or families to go through the pain of a child or a love one diagnosed with cancer but to find out that the type of ovarian caner my daughter was diagnosed with is not receiving any research for treatment options and the Australian Government has not ever spent one cent in research, this breaks my heart. Cancer doesn’t stop for COVID19 and neither do we!

Why not challenge yourself by creating my heart bunny rock or create your own designs and post them to social media to inspire. Most importantly donate if you can, any amount helps us get closer to pay for the research. We need you support now more than ever!

Get inspired with this fun Easter rock project. I take you step by step through the project using hearts to create a Bunny.

Bunny Heart Project by Tasha Armour

Materials you will need

  • A rock
  • Paint for the rock.
  • A black pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 4 x large white hearts
  • 1 x medium white heart
  • 1 x medium pink heart
  • 2x small red hearts  
  • Exterior Sealer or spray
  • Paint brush    
you will need to cut out 4 large white hearts, 1 medium white heart and 1 medium pink heart, 2 small red hearts.
you will need to cut out 4 large white hearts, 1 medium white heart,
1 medium pink heart and 2 small red hearts.
Cut the following hearts in half: 2 large white hearts, 1 pink and 1 white medium hearts
Time to use some glue, follow the layout of this picture to help put the Bunny together. I started by gluing the small red heart onto the large white upsidedown heart to create the nose and head. The other small red heart to the top of the other upsidedown large white heart at the tip to create the tongue and is the body of the Bunny rabbit.
Oh hearts the Bunny is starting to come together.
By gluing the two white large half hearts to attached to the body heart to make the feet.
Next is the medium heart two halves onto the body to create the arms.
Glue the head heart to the body heart.
The two pink heart halves glue onto the 2 white large heart halves to create the ears, now glue them to the head heart.
Hippity Hop the finishing touches, draw in eyes and whiskers on your bunny!
Congratulations you have create your very own heart bunny.
One step to go.
Glue your bunny onto your painted rock. I decorated the rock with some extra little red hearts.
Don’t forget to download the back of rock awareness label and glue onto the back of the rock.
I seal both the front and the back of the rock with an exterior sealer that can be either liquid or spray.
With the concerns of the COVID19 / Corana virus i have been spraying my rocks also with Glen20 before putting them out or giving to friends and family.
Show us your creative rock designs and join our Facebook group Rock For ROC
From all of us at ROC Inc we wish you all a safe and Happy Easter.
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