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My name is Simon Chu, much more a lab rat than a cyclist!!

I completed my PhD at Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research (now Hudson Institute of Medical Research), where I studied the role of the estrogen in the pathogenesis of an uncommon ovarian cancer known as granulosa cell tumours. This led to my interest in the impact of specific molecular signalling pathways that are responsible for these tumours arising, and looking for ways to target these as a form of cure. After gaining my PhD, I continued his work at Prince Henry’s examining the consequences of blocking some of these pathways using new therapeutic compounds in the hope that they might lead to a new chemotherapeutic approach to treating this disease. In 2007, I took up a postdoctoral position at the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia, where I helped develop a new molecular technique to investigate the incidence of exposure to avian influenza in the human population in that country, allowing me to develop skills in a completely different area of research, which I am using today in our research on granulosa cell tumours.

When I returned to Australia in 2009, I re-joined the Hudson Institute, and continued my work on finding the causes as well as therapeutic options for granulosa cell tumours. I established my own research group, Hormone Cancer Therapeutics in 2018 and focused on the two type of granulosa cell tumours – adult and juvenile.

The main theme of our research is as follows:

1)   Development of a strategy which facilitates better service integration, resources and information sharing for those with GCT and their carers;

2) Performing genomic analysis of GCT to enable establishment of a precision medicine approach to tackle this disease;

3)   Development of better diagnostic techniques, not only for initial diagnosis, but for continual monitoring for recurrence; and

4)  Discovering better therapeutics through the repurposing of existing drugs.

I feel incredibly privileged and honoured that I can join this distinguished list of riders who are making a difference to girls/women who are survivors of this disease. The funds raised are much needed as rare cancers often are overlooked when it comes to larger funding bodies.

At home, I am wonderfully supported by my loving partner Vivien, with her sons Jeremy and Luther, and my children, Jono and Isabella. Being a relatively later starter when it comes to cycling, this ride is quite nerve wracking as my only sporting achievements in the past have been in rugby union. However, I have participated in a couple of Murry to Moyne Ride for Research relay events (512km over 2 days), which were a fantastic foray into team cycling. And so I am now madly getting into training for this event, one which I cannot wait to happen and ride with truly inspirational and amazing people wanting to make a difference!

I really would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who is supporting our ride!


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  1. You’re a beautiful person Simon! I am blessed to know you. Great effort.

  2. This is very inspiring, and as a woman, I would like to say thank you to you and your team for your research work and also your effort in this Ride for Research😊

  3. CHU FAMILY Australia / Hong Kong / China / Canada and special friends from afar are supporting your cause and thanking you and all riders for an incredible effort! Research is the key!! xx

  4. Amazing that you are doing this Simon! Well done! Sending you wishes of luck and thanks from afar…

  5. You crazy. But full props bro. We are all very proud of you.

  6. Proud of you mate, for the awesome work you do and your commitment to this cause.
    Lisa & Kevin

  7. Well done on committing to this event Simon. We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride!!

  8. So privileged to be able to ride with everyone for such an important area of research! Go Team!!

  9. I am a survivor of AGCT and needing to find a cure so i can be here for my children’s milestones. Scariest thing about being diagnosed with a rare form of any disease is there is no cure, no research thank you to all the teams for support and willingness to help support of such a fantastic cause to ride for research

  10. Hi Simon, I’m Pat, daughter of auntie 9 (sister of your dad), we are happy to support you and help people with rare cancers, keep up your good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. Hi Simon, I’m Pat, daughter of auntie 9 (sister of your dad) we are happy to support you and help people with rare cancer, pls continue your good work 👍🏻

  12. Hi Simon,

    I am very proud of you. Keeping up the good work!

    Auntie 6 from Vancouver

  13. Your research is so important to the woman with GCT! Thank you for everything you do! ~GCT Survivor

  14. Immensely grateful for this incredible effort to raise funds for this important cause. Hope you are able to enjoy it too!!

  15. I have been recently diagnosed with GCT and would directly benefit from any research of this rare cancer

  16. This is so hopefull what you are doing😊❣️You’re in my hart
    Greetings from Holland
    Ien Fransen

  17. Simon’s group is doing amazing research to find better treatment for GCT- totally worthy of our support!

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