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Hi I’m Gemma. I live in my hometown of Ballarat, Victoria, and am currently studying at Federation University, Australia, completing my Master of Teaching (Secondary), majoring in Health and PE. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science.

Many forms of cancer have been present within my family and family friends, displaying the detrimental impact that this condition can have on the individuals themselves as well as their loved ones. I think this ride is an amazing initiative to increase awareness and fundraising for ovarian cancer. I have recently learned that there is no way to currently screen for Ovarian cancer and there are no specific cures. An important component to overcoming this, therefore, is research. The funds we raise by participating in this ride will go directly into research that will help to improve the outcomes of women living with rare forms of ovarian cancer.

I have always loved riding my mountain bike, however, first got into road cycling approximately 2 years ago, so that I could join my Dad on his weekend rides. I have since found a passion for riding (loving the descents), as it allows me to increase my fitness and catch up with mates for rides including Hannah Armstrong (who is also taking part in this Ride for Research).

My sporting background includes playing AFLW and Basketball at the UniSport Nationals competitions, as well as cycling in the annual RoadNats Gran Fondo at Mount Buninyong, and playing netball in the Southern Shield Netball Tournament – all for Fed Uni. I enjoy playing basketball each week and love giving any other sport a crack when the opportunity arises.

Although this ride from Canberra to Melbourne will be a massive challenge for me, being my biggest week of cycling to date, hopefully this motivator to raise funds and awareness will get me through the 900km in 9 days. Although a late call up for this ride, being a young female cyclist, I hope that my contributions and efforts in the ride can make a difference in the lives of women who have to battle ovarian cancer. A massive thank you to Steph Hibburt (who I am filling in for) for her fundraising efforts! Wish me luck!

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  1. It’s a great story. I see you made your 2000 goal but I’m giving you extra anyway!

  2. Well done Gem. What a massive effort with such short preparation. You should be justly proud of yourself.

  3. Amazing effort Gemma for such an important cause! In memory of Mary Squire and Lou Buckenara.

  4. You never cease to amaze me, incredible effort on the ride and the fund-raising

  5. Great job Gemma riding for a cause. Hope you enjoy a nice quiet 🍷by the fire when you are done.

  6. Good on you Gemma xx Best wishes for any easy ride to you and your team mates

  7. Believe in yourself Gem. You can do this! It will be hard work but I know that you will get there. I am very proud of you. XX

  8. In memory of Louise Quinn, my friend Margaret Quinn’s daughter passed 13/5/13 12 days from diagnosis.

  9. We have just travelled to Canberra over the holidays – could have been your cheer squad! Amazing challenge for a great cause Gemma. Wishing you all the best xx

  10. Such a scourge of a disease which creeps up on women. It’s often too late by the time they realise there is a problem.
    Such a huge challenge of a ride Gemma! Go safely and thank you for your effort. ❤️

  11. So proud Gem – I’m sure this’ll be a brutal week of riding for you but the fact you’re willing to challenge yourself because you know it’ll raise money and save lives is a testament to your character. Always willing to give everything a crack and you usually smash it out of the park. Hope you smash this challenge too and this little donation motivates you to push through!!

  12. First donation underway! Thanks for taking on such a challenge in support of ROCInc and my beautiful mum. Enjoy the ride and see you at the finish!

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